Saturday, March 24, 2012

Connecting the Dots - An unscheduled War Update

For probably as long as mankind has been fighting wars, the aspect of intelligence has been important.  No, not how stupid the whole idea is in the first place, because it's obviously stupid, but the concept that the more you know about what your enemy is up to...or capable of doing...the more likely you can prevail.

I have no idea when the first "connect the dots" picture was created, and apparently neither does Wikipedia, but the idea is pretty well known.  You are given a page with a bunch of numbered dots, and if you draw a line through the dots in proper sequence an image will appear.  The concept has found its way into the lexicon of warfare, usually explaining how an attack was not predicted because somebody "didn't connect the dots."

That statement has been used many times.  I don't know the first time, but Pearl Harbor was a good example.  There were many little clues that might have revealed the plans of the Japanese, but they were known by different agencies and no one saw all of them until afterwards.  Of course, hindsight is always 20-20, so things that made no sense, and probably wouldn't have been significant suddenly fit perfectly into the picture.

The same was true of the 9-11 attack in New York, Washington, and the plane that was downed by passenger action in Pennsylvania.  Lots of little pieces were out there,just never connected. the War of the Uterus continues, and since there are many many fronts, it's important to try to connect the dots, not necessarily to predict the next attack, but more to understand the overall concept and plan.  So, today I spent some time searching high and low for that hidden plan.  I'm happy...well, I'm not remotely happy but I'll use that term report that the Grand Plan is out there.  In fact the dots are becoming so big it's getting easier to see it every day.

As we all know, the War started with some small skirmishes, typically including some minor ambush against the idea of Choice.  Then, under more or less the same banner, we began to see a battle coalesce around the idea of Birth Control...beginning with who pays and then morphing into a challenge of the very concept.  However, given everything else that was happening, it was pretty obvious there was something larger going on.

Now, I've been able to identify the Big Picture, simply by combining several different items.  The Big Picture is not only scary, but truly sad.

This is Total War, aimed entirely at marching backwards towards a completely male-dominated society where women know their place...and stay there!

Here's the evidence:

1. The opening salvos were fired years ago.  NOTE:  Not a single woman in that picture.  This plan has been in the works for a goodly long while.

2. The MEN are so insecure that they even had problems at CPAC when some young women...from their own party, showed up wearing clothing that seemed too...unconservative!

3.  The MEN want to eliminate Birth Control, or make it so prohibitively expense that women will be forced to abandon it.  There have been so many battles over this element that I'm not going to list them.

3.  The MEN don't want to hear anything about this matter from women, even going to the point of refusing to allow their viewpoint into the discussion.  The Congressional Hearings made that clear.

4.  The MEN don't want women to have control over their own bodies.  This tact includes:

A. denying abortions for rape and incest, or even in the life of the mother is endangered

B. denying abortions where the fetus has died

NOTE:  In this speech, Terry England went even further, openly comparing women to livestock!

C. denying abortions, and even encouraging doctors to lie about it, when a fetus is known to be mal-formed or suffering from a genetic defect.  NOTE: This is from TEXAS, where one of those MEN is currently in charge, and the MAN signing that bill in section 1 was in charge.

D. Providing that a woman who has an abortion, or even a miscarriage, can be charged with murder.

E. Ignoring the HIPPA law to create a situation where women who seek abortions can be publicly identified.  This goes hand in hand with all those "right to know" laws that are intended solely shame the woman into changing her mind.

4. The MEN want to allow an employer to fire a woman for using Birth Control

5. The MEN are actively holding up the approval of renewal of the Violence Against Women act, something that has been routinely extended in the past.  They cite three reasons, none of which remotely hold up when actually examined in any detail.

6. See number 5 above, and then consider that the MEN are now saying that if a women is beaten or abused, she shouldn't consider leaving or a divorce, but simply...."take it and remember her proper place."

7. The MEN, in an effort to force women back out of the workplace...where they clearly don't belong, are taking steps to cut their pay, denying the idea of equal pay for equal work.  After all...they're just WOMEN!

And...the Supreme Court an opinion written by the MEN!

8. The MEN are even willing to toss out the women in their own party...if they won't get in line.

9. The MEN have no idea of women's health issues, and therefore are quite prepared to simply dismiss those concerns, using phrases like "just close your eyes."

10. And as the ultimate exercise of male domination, the MEN want to make women get permission from the man before taking any action.

It's bad enough on the surface, and the very idea that a woman would have to seek permission from her rapist to abort is repugnant beyond belief.  But...assuming that passed, what happens here:

In short, if you connect the dots, they all paint one picture, and it ain't a pretty one.  You may believe I'm sounding a lot like Chicken Little, and you could be right.  But...when you keep seeing the same things time and again, you probably should start believing something's happening.  Right now it's snowing in Oregon...and there are no records that show that ever happening this late in the year.  Maybe, just maybe, those folks talking about climate change connected some dots!


Anonymous said...

Thank yo for posting this. You have brought up all, and more of the points, that are scaring me for a while now. I have talked with this with one of my girl friends and as we began to connect the dots we came to the same conclusion. I am scared and wondering how this will all turn out.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this. You have brought up all, and more, of the points that are scaring me for a while now. I have talked with this with one of my girl friends and as we began to connect the dots we came to the same conclusion. I am scared and wondering how this will all turn out.

Anonymous said...

They think the world is coming to a end and we have to start over again anyway? So they want to make sure who gets to be alive will be alive even if it is a murdering rapist idiot and his broad