Thursday, March 10, 2011

How we don't get to the middle.......

I found these two quotes in a news story today, and they reveal a whole lot about our current situation.

"I don't think compromise right now is the option," Rep. Scott DesJarlais, a GOP freshman from Tennessee, said last week.

Rep. Joe Walsh of Illinois put it more bluntly to Time magazine: "I came here ready to go to war. ... The people didn't send me here to compromise."

These two men were speaking about reducing the deficit, and while I applaud the concept, their execution is sorely lacking.  Compromise, that evil word, is definitely the way to go, lest we simply continue to polarize further an already-divided society.  When we can't talk to each other about our differences, we will never find good solutions, and the more we demonize the other side, the worse it gets.

Failure becomes the inevitable result when Leadership is abandoned in favor of diatribe..

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