Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Since this is the first entry, let me take a minute to explain what you'll find here in the future.

Somewhere in the middle is where most of our answers are found.  In politics, for example, the extremes seldom prevail, simply because in any reasonably democratic process, the majority will be against an extreme position on either side.  If we assume, which we can a good portion of the time, that the classic "bell curve" of distribution is valid, the bulk of opinions will be somewhere near the center.  Not always, but often enough to generalize.

So, when faced with two extremes, the ultimate answer, assuming compromise is allowed, will likely fall Somewhere in the middle.

Much of this blog will be devoted to politics, or at least to political issues.  However, you're going to struggle if you want to firmly place my opinions in any one location.  What you will find is that I will challenge "either side" when they advocate a position that makes little or no sense, and I have no use whatsoever for the yelling, name-calling, and other debris that marks our political landscape today.  People want, and deserve, reasoned and rational debate.  They expect, as well they should, that the players will compromise.  They only see a "win" when everybody wins, and candidly, I think they're getting darn tired of the continual Us and Them approach.

Back about a year ago, I began writing about this, and now that book is completed.  I invite you to read Ten Simple Things to Restore the American Dream.  I think you'll find it an easy read, and I'm betting that amongst those ten selected ideas, you'll find at least one you didn't know about.  Here's a couple hints:

Is your vote more important than mine?  Quite possibly, and I can (and have) prove it.

Why are 600,000 legal American citizens denied representation in Congress, while at the same time Congress rules them unlike any other Americans?

If you believe in Naked Short Selling, then I have a bridge in New York I'd love to sell you.  Read why.

I think you'll find the book so compelling, and I'm willing to make you a special deal.  You can buy it through Barnes & Noble, Powell's, and many other bookstores, although many don't yet stock it.  You can also buy it on Amazon, and I've provided a link to do that at the end of this post.

However, I've got two other options for you to consider, and both will save you money too.

First, if you'd like an autographed copy, simply go to ebay and search for the whole title.  If you buy it there, you'll not only get it autographed, but also receive free shipping.

Second, if you don't desire the autograph, go here:  https://www.createspace.com/3529989  When you order the book, enter this code in the discount/coupon window  V3R4GTRC  and you'll receive a 25% discount.

In closing, let me suggest that it's tempting to dive right in.  There are a bunch of issues in the news today, and many of them seem to want my attention.  However, I'm not going to write ten new posts every day.  Once a day will be enough, and I'll try to keep things short, focused, and on track.  I welcome any and all comments, please just keep them civil and on topic.  We can agree to disagree, if we do it politely.


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KTHolt said...

Followed and Tweeted, my friend. I can't predict if I'll be able to keep up with you, but I'll do my best.

Your book will be delivered to our house with our next order (I may have said so already).

Much love.